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snow removal

We don't just push snow. We remove it!

Backed by 15 years of experience, On Point has witnessed landscapers with plows on the front of their truck that just"push snow". We don't. We do snow removal. Therefore, we carry the proper insurance to protect our customers. Whether you need a driveway plowed with a truck, or a large commercial property managed by our larger equipment (front end loaders, bobcat's, etc.), we have the crew, the gear and the know how to get you back in business safely!

Your driveway, walkways, and steps are the most important areas to keep free of ice and snow all winter long. The safety of all of our customer's is top priority during those cold month's. Therefore we take every opportunity to make sure access to your property is as clear and safe as possible. Residential snow removal services are currently only offered to our year-round maintenance customer's. Simple solution? If you have a property that needs snow removal services, you must have a property that needs property maintenance the other 3 seasons! Allow yourself the gift of reliability. Let On Point take care of you all year round.

With over 15 year's of experience, On Point is constantly keeping updated on the most efficient and safe tools/machines for the job at hand. We take all commercial snow removal accounts seriously and give each one the unique attention they deserve. A parking lot is not just a parking lot. Just like a lawn, there are curves, bends and areas that are of higher importance than other's. All of which are reviewed in person, prior to snow season. We create a visual diagram of our seasonal plan, along with the strategies to implement in order to safely keep your business open and operating to its' fullest potential.

Customer safety and happiness is our most important goal, therefore we want to make sure your customer's are as happy and safe as possible, especially during the colder month's. Therefore, walkway's and parking areas are cleared with consideration of business operating hours and, if applicable, employee/shift change over night and day is prepped for their safe travel in and out of the building(s). If all areas of removal in contract's are cleared, we have been known to drop what we are doing and jump to help one of your customers clear off their car after a long shift at a hospital, or a valued customer leaving to go home.

For a reliable, experienced and environmentally conscious team of professional's to keep you safe and reduce your liabilities, contact On Point Property Management!

We handle large commercial parking lots as easily as a short driveways. On Point monitors weather forecasts on the hour all winter long keeping prepared for any precipitation and temperatures Old Man Winter has in store for us.  Snow, sleet, polar bears, or freezing rain (ok maybe not polar bears) we are there to take away that hesitation of questionable safety. After all, we don't want anyone kissing the pavement on our watch, or your's! 

The On Point team knows that you need reliable and timely service. That's why we offer online billing and around the clock service during those month's of uncertainty. Arranging the proper services for snow and ice removal is not a quick task. The details, curves and contours of the land that makeup your commercial property need to be assessed in order to provide the most accurate proposal. Contact Jesse and Hannah during the warmer month's to start the process and eliminate the panic and headache of doing it last minute. Remember, the early bird get's the worm!