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It's all about communication.

Discussing proper techniques to take care of the variety of species on your property is one of the most valuable conversations you can have as a home/property owner.

Pruning is a delicate art, as it can make or break the integrity, symmetry and health of surrounding plants in the blink of a cut! Therefore On Point takes pride in their hand pruning techniques and skill acquired over the many years in the business.

learn the species

The tree's on your property undergo constant change and need periodic attention as they grow and mature.

pruning technique

Proper pruning alleviates the continuation of any misdirected and excessive growth, thereby encouraging the integrity of your trees and healthy growth patterns.

proper removal

Being that many of the tree's we remove are in a vulnerable state, we have quite a bit of experience removing the tree's no one else wants to touch!

introduce something new!

We prefer to use local nurseries, therefore we can assure they are thriving in the climate the tree is to be installed in from the very beginning!