We take every customer's goals and visions seriously.

customer advantage

Reach Your Goals

We want to work with you to do the research and proper assessment of what is best for you based on your needs and wishes. That's what all On Point customer's deserve and receive!

Luckily for you, we have experience with many materials, methods and means to not "just get the job done", but to create a final product and service you are proud to share every time someone visits your property! Maybe you're hesitant to take the plunge on a big project? You should be, that is your smart consumer talking. We actually suggest having more than one professional give you an estimate on a job. That way you can make the most educated decision on who you feel will work with you to have your vision become a reality. It's not always about who is the least expensive. It's about who know's how to facilitate the before, during and after of a project!

If you aren't a Maintenance Customer yet, this may change your mind!

All our annual contract customer's enjoy...

  • The ability to sign-up for residential snow removal services

  • Monthly payment plans for your annual maintenance package, spreading the package cost(s) over 12 months

  • Personalized login for access of account to monitor and view bills and service history

  • Receive the "On Point Blurb"

  • Referral rewards

  • Peace of mind knowing your property is being taken care of!


Snow removal sign-up

All customer's that have an annual maintenance package/contract with On Point can sign up for the up coming winter season snow removal services. We are maintaining the nooks and corners of your property in the warmer month's, so we know your property like the back of our hand. We will be able to efficiently give you the peace of mind you can leave and enter your property safely when the storm hit's! Some of our customer's have health obligations, or work health institutions/government, requiring access to their car at all times. We keep everyone's individual needs our top priority!

Monthly payments

Let's be honest, no one likes to be hit with a large bill at one time! Why not have the ability to plan ahead and budget in advance for peace of mind? Well now you can. When you sign your annual personalized maintenance package contract, we won't hit you with a big bill when the majority of the work included in the plan isn't even completed yet! Your annual package cost will be divided over the duration of your contract (12 month's) the same time every month. One less thing to have to worry about!

personalized account log-in

All your payment's and service history are logged online for you to access at any time. Forgot to pay a bill, or have question's on a service? Jump right online with your personalized username and find the answers you need.

Referral rewards

Who doesn't love a little reward for paying-it-forward? You should be rewarded in our appreciation for your referral. It is one of the largest compliments. It tell's us we have done a good job and are a reliable source you want other's to benefit from as well! Every successful referral deserves a reward, so pass our name along and we will be glad to offer you our appreciation. Thank you in advance!

customer info

How do I receive my invoices?

Whether you are a contract customer or not, all our billing is done online. It makes life much easier for everyone! Your estimates and invoices will be sent directly to you via the e-mail address you provide us. Don't worry, if you prefer not to make payments online, you don't have to, however doing so provides peace of mind in avoiding any late payment penalties that can often occur with payment via check, etc.

Viewing my invoices and estimates

In the e-mail you will receive, there will be a link for you to click on. That link will bring you directly to the estimate and/or invoice online. If you want make a payment of any kind, you will be able to do so easily right there. That simple! 

records of payment history and services - maintenance contract customers only

You can view all payments received against previous bills and estimates at anytime. Along with your billing history you can see any documentations made regarding service to your property. 

If you aren't a contract customer, you can very easily contact Hannah and inquire the current status of your account.