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Developing desirable outdoor spaces
for Cape Cod’s most discerning property owners.

Based in Falmouth, MA



The old adage of "it's quality, not quantity", hold's true with the On Point team. Jesse has developed a small group of people that have, over time, truly developed into a team. This team is constantly teaching one another something new, most of the time with laughter as the fuel. The joy of what Jesse has built and the rest of the team has helped him maintain, is the ability to walk onto a job as "the guys doing work on your property" and walking off as new friend's!

We take every customer's goal's and visions seriously. Therefore we want to work with you to do the research and proper assessment of what is best for you based on your needs and wishes. That's what all On Point customer's deserve and receive!

Luckily for you, we have experience with many materials, methods and means to not "just get the job done", but to create a final product and service you are proud to share every time someone visits your property! Maybe you're hesitant to take the plunge on a big project? You should be, that is your smart consumer talking. We actually suggest having more than one professional give you an estimate on a job. That way you can make the most educated decision on who you feel will work with you to have your vision become a reality. It's not always about who is the least expensive. It's about who know's how to facilitate the before, during and after of a project!





Landscape and hardscape design is an art devoted to the lovers of the land.

It is an opportunity to create, essentially, a work of art that meets what you envision. It's all about making a space that you look forward to being in, not dread maintaining.

It's truly an art of team work. We take each outdoor design very seriously, no matter the scale of the project. All project's are discussed hitting every possible angle, sketched out and then rendered in the computer to visually present our ideas and solutions to you. It is a truly artful approach to an exciting addition to your property! The only thing left...start digging!





To On Point, stone has the potential to transform any area into a timeless artistic space.

With an old world approach, regardless of scale, every project starts with a unique focus in understanding the expectations of On Point clients. From start to finish, we strive to cater to the attributes that are unique to only your property by seeing that each design meets challenges and obstacles with care providing a new space to enjoy with others!

patios & walls

We have so many beautiful native materials around us, they often get overlooked and under appreciated. Therefore, we enjoy joining both native and non-native stone in our hardscape designs.

growing spaces

There is nothing more harmonious than joining hardscape with pockets of color and growth, through the introduction of plant beds. 


From outdoor cooking spaces to a fire feature that will warm your friends and family with the flip of a switch, we think of it all!


Part of maintaining a happy and healthy property is keeping up with the basics. Maybe it's the driveway that is starting to crack, the chimney needs to be re-faced, the front steps are starting to fall apart.




OnPoint_Service Icons-04.png

It's all about communication.

Discussing proper techniques to take care of the variety of species on your property is one of the most valuable conversations you can have as a home/property owner.

Pruning is a delicate art, as it can make or break the integrity, symmetry and health of surrounding plants in the blink of a cut! Therefore On Point takes pride in their hand pruning techniques and skill acquired over the many years in the business.

learn the species

The tree's on your property undergo constant change and need periodic attention as they grow and mature.

pruning technique

Proper pruning alleviates the continuation of any misdirected and excessive growth, thereby encouraging the integrity of your trees and healthy growth patterns.

proper removal

Being that many of the tree's we remove are in a vulnerable state, we have quite a bit of experience removing the tree's no one else wants to touch!

introduce something new!

We prefer to use local nurseries, therefore we can assure they are thriving in the climate the tree is to be installed in from the very beginning!



snow removal


We don't just push snow. We remove it!

Backed by 15 years of experience, On Point has witnessed landscapers with plows on the front of their truck that just"push snow". We don't. We do snow removal. Therefore, we carry the proper insurance to protect our customers. Whether you need a driveway plowed with a truck, or a large commercial property managed by our larger equipment (front end loaders, bobcat's, etc.), we have the crew, the gear and the know how to get you back in business safely!


Your driveway, walkways, and steps are the most important areas to keep free of ice and snow all winter long. The safety of all of our customer's is top priority during those cold month's.


With over 15 year's of experience, On Point is constantly keeping updated on the most efficient and safe tools/machines for the job at hand.

de-icing services

On Point monitors weather forecasts on the hour, all winter long, keeping prepared for any precipitation and temperatures Old Man Winter has in store for us