The old adage of "it's quality, not quantity", hold's true with the On Point team. Jesse has developed a small group of people that have, over time, truly grown into a team.



This team is constantly teaching one another something new, most of the time with laughter as the fuel. The joy of what Jesse has built and the rest of the team has helped him maintain, is the ability to walk onto a job as "the guys doing work on your property" and walking off as new friend's!



Jesse, owner and operator of On Point Property Management, has been in the industry for over 15 years. He started out shadowing his father from quite a young age, asking all the "why's", "how come's" and "can I do it?!" question's that most little boy's do. Getting his feet wet at such a young age has allowed him to shape and mold a vision of what should be and what need's to happen to keep and continually build a strong locally owned business. A business that he would want to work for if he didn't already own it!

Don't be surprised, on any given morning, you may hear some groovy reggae or Johnny Cash coming from the back 40 of your property. That's Jesse in the zone...a music groover, nature lover, scape creator and property problem solver. BUT! Don't be fooled. This upbeat guy has put his nose in the books studying as a Sociology major at Northeastern University in Boston, MA.


HANNAH Designer & Operations

Aside from being a full-time artist, Hannah brings her skills of multi-tasking, design and organization, to the On Point team. Both enthusiast's for the unique thing's in nature, Hannah and Jesse often work together taking the time for research and design when building a proposal that quickly turn's prospective client's into loyal On Point customer's! 



Status: Year-round
Position: Master Mechanic & Company Machine Repair


Status: Spring & Summer
Position: Crew Leader & Irrigation Specialist


Status: Year-round
Position: Property Maintenance Supervisor