To On Point, stone has the potential to transform any area into a timeless artistic space.

With an old world approach, regardless of scale, every project starts with a unique focus in understanding the expectations of On Point clients. From start to finish, we strive to cater to the attributes that are unique to only your property by seeing that each design meets challenges and obstacles with care providing a new space to enjoy with others!

patios & walls

We have so many beautiful native materials around us, they often get overlooked and under appreciated. Therefore, we enjoy joining both native and non-native stone in our hardscape designs.

growing spaces

There is nothing more harmonious than joining hardscape with pockets of color and growth, through the introduction of plant beds. 


From outdoor cooking spaces to a fire feature that will warm your friends and family with the flip of a switch, we think of it all!


Part of maintaining a happy and healthy property is keeping up with the basics. Maybe it's the driveway that is starting to crack, the chimney needs to be re-faced, the front steps are starting to fall apart.