Even a Green Thumb can have a maintenance package...

We want you to keep the enjoyable parts and just leave the chores to us!


property maintenance


to the individual needs of your property.

We make maintenance On Point, by listening to you and honoring what your property needs. We are not in the business of persuasion, but rather care and beautification of our natural surroundings.

After walking the property and discussing your wants and needs, we tailor services accordingly,
to guide your property back to your definition of "On Point"!




Our thorough Spring and Fall property cleanups, weekly (or bi-weekly) mowing and snow removal services.


There's more...
We want to make it even easier for you, with our user-friendly online account management and quick, secure electronic payment options!

Assisted DIY Package

This is for the green thumb that is seeking a little year-round support for the not-so-fun aspects of your property care. With the DIY package, we will assist with the heavy lifting ...so you can get back to things you love to do around your yard!

Evergreen Package

This no-fuss package will keep all things, well... green. We’ll keep the weed population under control, your flower beds tidy and your lawn manicured on the regular, just to name a few.


  • Pre-Season Property Prospectus
  • Garden Bed Edging
  • Mulch Application
  • Monthly Maintenance
    (Weeding of beds, hand or hedge trimming)
On Point Package

This package is for the discerning home owner! With this offering we aspire to satisfy every need a customer’s property has, in the most seamless, worry free way possible. Great for seasonal, and investment properties.


  • Pre-Season Property Prospectus
  • Garden Bed Edging
  • Mulch Application
  • Bi-Weekly Maintenance
    (Weeding of beds, hand or hedge trimming)
  • Outdoor Furniture Storage
  • Turf Care
    (Aeration, De-thatching & Slice Seeding)

Additional services to those listed in the packages are available upon request.