We don't just push snow. We remove it!

Backed by 15 years of experience, On Point has witnessed landscapers with plows on the front of their truck that just"push snow". We don't. We do snow removal. Therefore, we carry the proper insurance to protect our customers. Whether you need a driveway plowed with a truck, or a large commercial property managed by our larger equipment (front end loaders, bobcat's, etc.), we have the crew, the gear and the know how to get you back in business safely!


Your driveway, walkways, and steps are the most important areas to keep free of ice and snow all winter long. The safety of all of our customer's is top priority during those cold month's.


With over 15 year's of experience, On Point is constantly keeping updated on the most efficient and safe tools/machines for the job at hand.

de-icing services

On Point monitors weather forecasts on the hour, all winter long, keeping prepared for any precipitation and temperatures Old Man Winter has in store for us